We are pleased to offer you processing products from our garlic:

Часниковий порошок

Garlic Powder

Часникові гранули

Garlic granules

Часник сушений подрібнений

Garlic slices

Due to the high content of solids and essential oils, our garlic even in a dried form has an unusually bright aroma and a extra hot taste. Products of processing from our garlic are in high demand among enterprises that use garlic raw materials for production, because to achieve the desired taste and aroma, our garlic consumption is 3 times less than analogues.
All products of processing consist exclusively of peeled garlic cloves of variety Kharkov Violet, without any admixtures of husks, shooters, leaves, etc.
Thanks to our specialized storage, we supply garlic products year-round.

  • Wholesale party from 25 kg (bag)
  • We send free samples to the specified address

Export and wholesale department:  +380635247185 — Anna