About us


13 years ago, a group of young enthusiasts decided to dive into the agricultural business

We did not have any financial support, neither the knowledge nor the experience.

But we were ambitious. We had a desire to succeed and we believed in this business. This helped us in turning the loss-making company into a sustainable and profitable farm!

We look into the future. We went step by step in modernizing the company: the infrastructure built up was changed; we had purchased the necessary agricultural machinery. It was necessary to go deep into the nuances of farming – so we had developed our own technology. We pay a lot of attention to the staff training and we attend a number of international agricultural exhibitions and seminars.

We are big fans of garlic, so we started from 1 bag of seeds 5 years ago, and we export garlic today! We learned how to grow high-quality commodity and our yield is around 12-16 tons from 1 hectare.

Now Agro Patriot is the leading company in Ukraine for industrial cultivation of garlic. We are engaged in the full production cycle, from growing healthy seeds, to intensive cultivation of high quality garlic on drip irrigation, and up to storing, processing and selling garlic throughout the world, and in Ukraine, of course. We are open to cooperation with food producers, retail chains and importers of garlic and garlic products (pasta, powder) both in Ukraine and abroad.

We use a considerably large area for garlic production (over 200 hectares or approx 500 acres). It allows us to grow both garlic of export quality (5+ cm or 2+ inches) and to process the 2nd grade garlic for the industrial food producers. We regularly take part in international exhibitions, we export garlic to Europe and Canada and we are taking part in international agricultural development programs. Company leaders speak at international conferences, thus promoting Ukrainian garlic as a brand and as a product of quality that is internationally recognized.

Our yield grows every year so we set new goals and targets for the future.

Our team

Natalia Sudarkina

Natalia Sudarkina

Managing partner. The ideological inspirer.) Strategic management, development, and marketing.
Yan Mishkevich

Yan Mishkevich

Managing partner. General management of the company, practical implementation of plans, and agrotechnical support.
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