Our choice is the Kharkiv Violet variety

Characteristics of the variety

Selection Planting time Scape formation Ripening period
Ukraine, The Institute of Vegetable and Melon Growing UAAS Winter Bolting Mid-season

Characteristics of the commercial bulb

Shape Average weight when dry Number of cloves Density Flavor Color of the skins

Bottom part compressed, top part elongated;

Bulb diameter 4-6 cm


70-100 g

4-6 pieces,

in 1 row

Average Very pungent Garlic skins are white with purple streaks.

General characteristics of the plant

Vegetation period Height of the aboveground part (without scape) Leaves Scape Air bulbs
110-115 days 60-80 см 8-10 pcs per plant,

dark green shade,

vegetable wax of average density on the surface

is formed,

90-130 cm tall

50-70 pcs per scape

  • All our seeds undergo a comprehensive analysis of seed germination and energy, as well as phytopathological and entomological studies
  • After the purchase of seeds we provide with agricultural support throughout the growing period


– high-yielding (10-12 tons whith drip-irrgation)

– frost-hardy (up to -20С)

– attractive look of commercial bulbs

– High content of essential oils that provide pungency, bright flavor and aroma

  A very potent variety with high potential.

We accept orders for the planting material of garlic in 2021