After August 25, we begin the purchase of marketable garlic from farmers who bought planting material from us. The price will also be after August 25th.

If necessary, we will buy from the rest of the population.

General requirements for the pre-sale preparation of garlic:

  • short cut roots. But NOT completely deleted, like in Chinese
  • cropped stem, neck 2 cm
  • commodity bulbs should be cleaned of impurities, damaged heads removed
  • garlic should be calibrated to 3 fractions, depending on the diameter of the head:
  • Up to 40 mm
  • 40-50 mm
  • 50 mm and more

Attach photos of your garlic:

✔ General photo of the whole mass
✔ Photo of garlic (3-4 heads) located near the ruler.


Or call (068) 934-53-98 to apply for the sale of garlic