Agro Patriot is the leading company for the industrial cultivation of garlic in Ukraine. We control the entire production cycle: growing of healed seeds, intensive cultivation of quality garlic using drip irrigation systems, storage, processing and sale of garlic both in Ukraine and for export. We are open to cooperating with other manufacturers and buyers of garlic and garlic processing products (paste, powder) all over the world.

Significant areas of  planted garlic allow us to grow the garlic of export quality (5+ cm). Also we provide second grade garlic for the processing and to be used in food industry. We regularly take part in international exhibitions, we export garlic to Europe and Canada and we participate in international programs for the development of agro business in Ukraine. The company’s partners speak atinternational conferences, thus promoting Ukrainian garlic as a brand and a as a product of internationally recognized quality.



We grow all our garlic on a two-year cycle from bulbils, thus obtaining genetically revitalized garlic. This is the best
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Information support at all the stages of cultivation includes counseling on crop rotation, seed selection, planting and irrigation schemes, as
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A successful working process requires modern equipment. We provide services for renting specialized equipment on mutually beneficial terms.
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The main task of the farmer is to sell the cultivated crop. We are ready to buy the entire amount
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The school of the garlic

We will teach you how to grow quality garlic

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