Agro Patriot is the leading company for the industrial cultivation of garlic in Ukraine. We control the entire production cycle: growing of healed seeds, intensive cultivation of quality garlic using drip irrigation systems, storage, processing and sale of garlic both in Ukraine and for export. We are open to cooperating with other manufacturers and buyers of garlic and garlic processing products (paste, powder) all over the world.

Significant areas of planted garlic allow us to grow the garlic of export quality (5+ cm). Also we provide second grade garlic for the processing and to be used in food industry. We regularly take part in international exhibitions and we participate in international programs for the development of agro business in Ukraine. We export garlic to Europe , USA and Canada. Our unique cold storage and a processing facility for 1000 tones allows us to sell products throughout the year of excellent quality.

In 2018, our company passed the GLOBAL G.A.P certification according to all international standards after a thorough preparation process.
Also we went through and passed the Walmart audit, which we are very proud of.
It confirms the safety of our products.

Our business model is built on aggregation with other manufacturers.
What does it mean?

We provide seeds, technological support and technical advice, we rent out our specialized planting machines and garlic harvesters to our farming partners.
Therefore we help our farmers focus on the main task of growing the crop and selling it to us.
We are ready to support the production and to buy-out the entire volume of harvested garlic from our farming partners.
We also take on the issues of long-term storage and packaging of garlic, and we control the whole process of export sales and marketing.

The garlic growers school

We will teach you how to grow quality garlic