The school of the garlic. What is it?

We know from our own experience how difficult it is to start a new business when there is not enough experience or knowledge. Therefore, for everyone who wants to learn the nuances of growing garlic on an industrial scale, we regularly (once in 2-3 months) conduct open lessons on the basis of our company.

How does it go?

It takes place in an easy, friendly atmosphere, in a group of like-minded people up to 20 people. We invite agronomists, specialists in drip irrigation, introduce machinery, look at fields and just talk about garlic topics.

What the cost of studying?

Free, but take a good mood with you!

Meeting on May 5, 2017

Another time on the basis of the Patriot enterprise was the “garlic” Paul’s Day. Agrarians from all over Ukraine gathered to better study the garlic topic and share their experience

Guests had the opportunity to see garlic fields on drip irrigation, to study the specialized equipment of the Spanish company JJ Broch, ask questions, talk to each other and get a lot of interesting information.

We wish that the information acquired helps you to realize your intentions in building a successful business.